Friday, January 31, 2014


I've decided to start taking my progress pictures in less than flattering lighting... because that is what I will be under when I'm on the stage. BRIGHT lights that show every little dimple of cellulite lol... 

Anyway, my progress pictures were taking this morning in the florescent light of the locker room. I actually do see some progress from last week, but I can see some things that you couldn't see in the previous pictures. I'm discouraged by this, but driven at the same time. Waiting on Nichole to email my pics then I will post on the blog and in DSDQ. 

12 weeks out and ready for GLORY! DSDQ!!!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Progress Pics

I've posted them on Facebook, but I want to post them here so I can keep everything in one place :)  Here is my progress from January 2nd until Friday, the 23rd.  Just over 15 lbs dropped!  This was using my off-season nutrition plan, training with my coach 3 days a week, and teaching my classes.  I've also been doing a little extra cardio on days that I don't do cardio.

12 Weeks Out

I started my contest diet on Wednesday... and on Tuesday night, I thought.. you know, I need to go ahead and get this last cheat out of the way rather than wait until Saturday AFTER I've started my new plan.  So I did it.  It's over with.  NO cheats until April 26th.  

This new plan incorporates some things that make me feel like my fat loss with slow... however, I have to trust the "surgeon" as Val says... because he is the expert!  He knows his stuff, and I need to trust him.

I have a feeling that progress pictures will be about the same or maybe even show a set back at this point.  Still taking them and posting them though.  There will be good weeks, and there will be bad weeks.

Having dreams or goals

If you have a dream you have to hold to it and pursue it like your life depends on it.  Some of us come close to our goals and dreams but fall short at the moment of truth.  We let outside distractions interfere and keep us from success.  The moment of truth comes when are at your weakest point and strongest.  Our weakest point because we put in hours and hours of work followed by hours and hours pain or studying but fall short because we question ourselves for that one moment (not willing to go the extra mile) not willing to sacrifice that one thing to pass us to that goal.  Tell yourself you are better than that and you are ready to do what must be done.  Our strongest point because we caught up in what we are doing and confuse productivity with activity.  If you are you are stronger it’s because you are better but that does not mean you can stop until the work is DONE! True strength comes from knowing who you are and from using what you have (not just physically but emotionally and spiritually) to achieving goals/dreams while surpassing everything else.